martes, 17 de abril de 2007

unit 16


carol: hello?
margarita: hi Carol, it's margarita. how are you?
carol: oh, hi. mrs margarita. how are you?
margarita: well, can i speak whit daniela?
carol: i am sorry but she's not here right now.
margarita: oh, can you give her message?
carol: sure
margarita: please to give me a call, I am at the house
carol:ok bye
margarita: bye bye

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007


daniela Hoyos Fernandez- (1988) I was born in Bogota Colombia, I am student of mass comunication and tango dancer. I love the fashion and read a lot books of Pablo Cohelo. I love the pizza and a good movie. I am girl of little friends.

Madonna (1958 -),Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born in Bay City, Michigan. pop singer and American actress. Its triumphant race is impelled by a deliberately provoking image. It was transferred to New York, where it formed a group and it began to compose song.

MY weekend

I make I little History of my short weekend.
the friday in the afternoon go to the movies whit my mom and saw la abuela virgen it's very funny...

the saturday get up late, and whatched tv every morning. And late I ate my lunch in Burger king whit my brother. Late, my best friend call and went to the delicias mall. In the night went to the disco with my friends.

The sunday slept every day and ate the dinner and go to the bed. I FELT VERY BAD

the doctor..........

ok this conversation is of the dramatizacion in this class.

mario: hello my beatiful princess how are you?
daniela: oh! i feel sad.
mario: really? why?
daniela: i don't know can you help me?
mario: yes I go to my best friend he is doctor come on!!

in the Mario's friend....

doctor: hello mario, I believe she is your girlfriend?
mario: no, I want but she don't.
daniela: (lays) ok really I need your help I have a strong and terrific headache.
doctor: ok I am going to give you some pills. Take one pill every morning before of breakfast and have two solutions
daniela: what?
doctor: well, you feel well and start like of my friend
daniela: ok its good idea

the festival: cristhmas

I am daniela i my favorite date is my birth day and my favorite month is february because is love month........

the cristhmas

the celebration is the cristhmas in Germany. It is in december.
this celebration is the religious significance because is a born day of JESUS. I n this time the people gift apples, candy, cookies and present.

In Venezuela this date is special too. Personally in this date celebrate whit my family, I share gift and delicious food. this ocassion is very commercial because the people buy clothes, gifts and a lot food.

my ability

my ability
I LOVE tango is my favorite music, mi love hobby is dance tango.
My passion is this dance because my grandfather is from of Medellin, Caldas, a city of Colombia where lived and died Carlos Gardel, the most important representant of music tango.
I dance tangoTango proffessional dancer but is very hard. And I work every day for be the best dancer.

food pyramid

OK my diet is simple, I love eat all type of food. I eat a lot of the vegetables and fruits.
Sometimes I eat fast food and candy. i usally food meat, grains and other proteins.
I hate the eggs and broccoli.
I have a healthy diet because I don't like to be fat.